Fabletics Review

Fabletics taunted me for months with incredibly cheap outfit offers for a VIP membership. I finally gave in when I got a promotional email for a $15 outfit plus free shipping—I felt like I had nothing to lose at that point.

Like I said, I had been hesitantly browsing their outfits throughout previous seasons, so I thought I had a good idea of the styles. This time, however, I was turned off by all the art deco and geo patterns, loud colors, obnoxious zippers and haphazard straps. I could see why they were willing to offer such a cheap deal to recruit people to buy this stuff.

Who in their right mind would wear these things in public? (Sorry if it’s you.)

Everything had an early 90s vibe that I definitely was not feeling. Still, I managed to find one outfit that didn’t scream “Look at me!”:

This is the Myra tank (I got it in black though) and the Salar crop. The top and pants retail for $34.95 and $64.95 respectively (what!?!) but cost $19.95 and $44.95 if you’re a VIP member. Like I said, I only paid $15 for both and would never consider paying full price for either of these. The pants looked coral online, but in person they were actually neon. I exchanged them for the Malibu print pants, because even though they had palm trees emblazoned all over them, they were still less obtrusive than the neon color. I also ordered the Lima capri in blue and mulberry because they were on sale for $19 each.

Here’s the problem I had with sizing: I ordered my usual size small in everything, but it was all too big. Apparently Fabletics uses “vanity sizing,” which means size small is equivalent to a size 6, and extra small is a size 4. I guess this means that truly tiny people can’t wear this brand if 4 is the smallest size they make. Vanity sizing is meant to make people feel better about themselves to encourage sales, but it had the opposite effect on me because I was more annoyed by this deceptive practice and the fact that I now had to exchange everything in my order. I ended up returning the palm tree pants altogether because the extra small in that style actually fit like an extra small, which is not my size.  I also didn’t like the material; it felt heavy and borderline rubbery like a wetsuit. I kept the tank top (the fit was a little loose, but I like that for working out) and both pairs of the Lima capris. All of this apparel feels more athleisure than performance activewear, but for the discounted prices, I was willing to keep most of it.

The customer service experience was decent compared to the horror stories I had read about in other reviews. I was always able to get through by phone or live chat, and even though the conversations were completely scripted and grammatically incorrect, my issues were quickly resolved.

I cancelled my membership because I didn’t like the style selection or the guessing-game sizing. The quality was average at best and definitely not worth paying full price. Had I remained a member, they would have charged me $49.95 a month to be applied to purchases. You can skip a month as many times as you want and not get charged if you do it by the 5th, but I knew that I would be skipping constantly and that sooner or later I would forget to do it and get charged. I’m happy I finally tried the brand, but I’m also happy I didn’t commit to the membership.

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