They say that a “mother knows best” in life, but I’m just trying to figure it all out as I go. I’m about the simple, the comfortable, the reasonable, and the fantastic. I’m representing the everyday woman (and man, if he’s interested) who barely has time to get dressed in the morning. Who maybe hasn’t had time to read a book in over a year. Who considers taking a shower a small victory (or is this just me?) You will not see any outfit featuring a Chanel handbag because 1. I definitely can’t afford that sh@*, and 2. In no world are high-fashion handbags and spur-of-the-moment exotic vacations considered “everyday” living. Like I said, this is for easy, casual style. I’m bringing you effortless outfits, honest product reviews, manageable home updates, recipes and fitness that you can fit in when you’re strapped for time, and maybe some light reading suggestions in between.

I know what you’re thinking: This seems like a lot to juggle! How is a girl who barely has time to take a shower going to delve into all these different outlets?

Adulting can be a challenge, friends, and I’m practicing balance; but as a stay-at-home mom, one thing I have is the freedom to explore ways to simplify life and then to share my findings with you. So, follow along with me and prepare to get styled like a mother!